Welcome to Proti MD! Functional foods play a vital role in any effective weight loss plan. Whether you are just trying to lose a few extra pounds for a special event or are utilizing high protein (45-60 grams/day of supplemented protein) in your bariatric surgical program, we have the highest quality, lowest prices backed by clinical team including Dr. Huffman our bariatric medical direct.

Dr. Huffman has used these delicious high quality low cost bariatric foods to help over 10,000 bariatric surgical and medical weight loss patients lose weight during his 30 year medical career.  Bariatric nutrition based on high protein low carb bars and shakes, are a vital component of safe, effective and rapid weight loss program, whether that is through a Very Low Calorie Diet, in conjunction with weight loss medications or with bariatric surgery. At Proti MD our bariatric foods and bariatric products offer the best low carb protein bars at the lowest prices available on the market today.  Discount nutritional supplements and lowest price bariatric protein bars and shakes made with only the highest quality protein products and the best tasting high protein bars on the market.



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