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Weight Loss Food Centers & High Protein Foods ~ 4×4 Easy Weight Loss Plan

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4×4 Easy Weight Loss Plan


This may seem too simple to work, but trust me, you have nothing to lose but weight by giving this simple to follow easy weight loss plan a shot.

This is Dr. Huffman; I’ve been helping people lose weight for over 30 years. I used complicated diets with macro and mico nutrient alterations, weighing foods, count points. I used comprehensive behavioral and exercise plans to help people lose weight. I prescribed weight loss medications and helped patients lose weight through bariatric surgery.
But before you start down this road of my time consuming, labor intensive and potentially risky treatment options, let’s try something very simple; 4 of our great tasting high quality supplements per day for 4 weeks. If is works stick with it until you need to add to the plan, if it doesn’t produce any weight loss or when it stops then we’ll begin the journey with the aid of our weekly lesson plans on nutrition, behavior and exercise, we’ll help you find a physician to add medication and even help you find a bariatric surgeon if necessary, but let’s try this simple easy to follow weight loss plan by American Bariatric Centers®,

Here is how it works: One high quality ABC nutritional supplement first thing in the morning, you may follow this with or without a breakfast. The second supplement is one hour before lunch, the third one hour before dinner and the fourth as an evening snack. Now don’t change anything else in your life, eat whatever you want in whatever portion you’d like, there will be plenty of time to make our long-term changes once we show you how important high quality bioavailable protein is to reducing your weight by themselves.

So remember 4X4

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