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Bariatric Eating

As one of the first bariatric medical physicians to join the ASMBS in the 1990s I was involved in helping create preoperative and postoperative nutritional programs and standards including bariatric eating plans. It is critical that patient eat high quality protein prior to bariatric surgery to ensure that they build up lean body mass and after bariatric surgery continue to eat high quality bariatric supplements.

Often bariatric patients postoperatively forget the importance of bariatric eating and/or try to cut cost by eating a discount brand protein which may not be as bioavailable as those products use by those of us in the bariatric field. Subsequently their hunger returns, the weight loss slows and the metabolic rate plummets as the body goes after it’s own protein stores in the muscle.

Proper bariatric eating postoperatively is as important as choosing the right surgery and right surgeon. May the wise choice, choose Bariatric Food Center and ABC Direct nutrition for you bariatric eating.

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