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Best Weight Loss Diet Plans to Lose Weight Fast ~Exercise Module 7

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Strength Training


    Dr. Kevin Huffman

     American Bariatric Centers™


Learning Objectives

  • Strength training improves fitness
  • Strength training helps you lose weight
  • Strength training helps you maintain weight loss
  • Kitchen Kapers
  • Exercise Activity


Strength Training

  • Strengthening your muscles is an important part of improving overall fitness and losing weight. Strong muscles help prevent injuries and some chronic problems such as lower back pain, but muscle also is the metabolic engine that raises our metabolism that burns calories even when we are not exercising.
  • With strength training, your body uses stored fat and carbohydrate as fuel and builds more muscle from the protein in your diet which will help increase your metabolism.
  • Also, strength training can help you maintain your weight loss since muscle burns three times more calories than fat.
  • Strength training can be as simple as lifting a can of tomatoes or can include working with weight machines.
  • Strength is increased when a muscle has to work harder than usual.
  • Check with your physician before starting a new strength training program.
  • Simple strengthening exercises include using your body as resistance, like lifting your arms and legs or pushing against a stationary object. This is a good technique for strengthening the main muscles of your body (stomach, legs, arms, and chest). Weights can also be used for strength training.
  • Hand and ankle weights are inexpensive and can be purchased at your local sporting goods store.
  • If you don’t have weights handy, you can use household items such as canned goods or plastic bottles filled with water or sand.
  • When you first start strength training, choose a weight that you can lift 15 times comfortably without feeling tired. When you can lift this weight 20 times, increase the weight by 2 · 5 pounds. For the first month, lift these weights 8 – 12 times (or repetitions) then rest.
  • After a month, try to do an additional set (lift the weight 8 – 12 times, rest for 2 minutes, then lift them 8 — 12 times again). Finally, weight train no more than 3 times per week and rest between workouts. Work out different muscle groups at each session, resting the other group, e.g. upper body one day, lower body the other day. And, don’t forget to warm up, cool down and stretch.


Kitchen Kapers

  • Many kitchen items, such as soup cans, can be used to change mundane chores into fun strength training exercises. These items are like using hand weights to build muscle strength. The following activities are examples of simple strength training exercises.


Exercise Activity

  • For the next 3 days, do either the Soup Can Toner or the Soup Can Opener at least once a day. On day 4, add the one you haven’t done yet to your routine. On day 5, add Dazzling Dish legs to your daily routine. Your completed “Kitchen Kapers” routine will help you increase your daily activity level and promote muscle tone!
  • Increase your walking program to a 30 minute walk, 4 times per week. If you are already at this level, try a 35 minute walk, 4 times per week- Remember to warm up and cool down. On the days, you don’t plan to walk, do two stretching exercises and the bathroom exercises noted in previous lessons.
  • Be sure to take your heart rate before, during and after your walking routine. Continue to try to achieve a heart rate between the two numbers you calculated at the beginning of the program which are you lower and upper aerobic limits.


Review Questions

  • How does strength training help you lose weight?

–1.   Burns calories during training

–2.   Increases metabolism so that calories are burned at rest

–3.   Strength training doesn’t burn calories

–4.   Decreases metabolism so that calories are burned at rest

  • Strength training helps you build muscle which helps which of the following?

–1.   Improve overall fitness

–2.   Lose weight

–3.   Prevent injuries

–4.   Raise metabolism


  • Muscle burns _____times more calories than fat.

–1.   2

–2. 3

–3. 4

–4. no difference


  • Which of the following are Kitchen Kapers?

–1.   Soup Can Toners

–2.   Soup Can Openers

–3.   Dazzling Dish Legs

–4.   Running a marathon



                     Thank you

         Dr. Kevin Huffman

         American Bariatric Centers™

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