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High Protein Low Carb Diets

High protein low carb diets are very popular today. Bariatric Food Centers has the highest quality best tasting weight loss products on the market today. There is a difference in these bariatric weight loss supplements. Bariatric Food Center’s high protein bars, shakes and snacks are made from highly bioavailable proteins not from inferior grade sources. Although our protein supplements are of higher quality than those found in the big box stores, they are no more expense and best of all we ship them directly to your home. These high quality low carb high protein bars, shakes and snacks are typically only available in physician’s office and commercial weight loss centers, like Jenny Craig, Physicians Weight Loss Centers, Metabolic Research Centers and Medi Weight Loss Centers, but through Bariatric Food Centers you can purchase these same delicious bariatric food products at a fraction of the cost of these commercial weight loss centers. Get the same great tasting high protein nutritional foods and supplements delivered to your door.

If you are a bariatric surgical patient, and underwent or are going to undergo a LapBand surgery, gastric bypass surgery or gastric sleeve surgery you need to consume 45-60 grams of highly bioavailable protein every day through protein supplementation. Bariatric Food Centers can deliver to your door the highest quality best tasting bioavailable protein as low, low prices.

High protein low carb diet products such a protein bars, protein shakes and protein snacks are the mainstay of any successful weight loss program. Bariatric Food Centers and its team of physicians, nurses and counselors have been helping patients just like you access these great tas
ting high quality low carb, high protein bariatric foods and supplements for nearly 30 years. Today you can save hundreds of dollars and get these great tasting products delivered right to your front door through Bariatric Food Centers.


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