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Program II (LCD)

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Program II (LCD): a low calorie weight loss diet plan, which can produce quick weight loss without fasting. In this program patients will consume approximately 1000 kcal/day (this varies based upon starting weight see details below). Much of the dietary intake comes from nutritional meal replacement bars, shakes, puddings, soups and our new delicious entrees. See Shop now to learn more about the high protein low carb nutritional bars, shakes, snacks and supplements.  These low calorie self stable dinners are generally 250-300 calories a day and take the guesswork out of calorie counting. Patients may elect to use a VHP (very high protein) meal replacement supplements (250 kcal) instead of one of these self stable meals. Some patients will come over to Program II after 12 weeks of Program I a full fast; others will choose to start with Program II. In either case we stress the importance of completing at least 24 weeks of some combination of Program I and Program II prior to moving into the Transition phase of the nutritional program.

The idea in both Program I and Program II is to get the patient to eat ‘out of a box’, taking away real food choices, eliminating the need to purchase, prepare, or think about real food as your healthcare team educates them on nutrition, behavior and exercise for the transition back into real food. There is no doubt about calorie intake during Program I or Program II those calories are found on the box, taking away the measuring and weighing of food and food products makes calorie counting easy for both the patient and your staff. In this section you’ll find more details on the nutritional makeup of this program, total calories, protein content, timing of the meals and a cost comparison to real foods, showing the cost savings to their food budget while on Program II.

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