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Program IV (Maintenance)

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Program IV (Maintenance): In this phase, patients have successfully completed at least 6 months of lost weight and are developing a long-term weight management plan. Patients are required only to see the physician once a month. The physician may or may not continue to use medications (many physicians choose to require twice monthly office visits for those patients taking anorectic medications to better monitor their patients). Any and all other nutritional products, medical staff support is purchased by the patients on an as needed basis. We strongly suggest that patients stay on at least one nutritional supplement a day in maintenance. If patients fail to maintain their weight loss, they may opt to re-enter Program III or Program II. Patients in Program IV are given free access to any live or virtual support group and education meetings and any web based learning tools including webinars and educational programs. All patients who purchase nutritional products through your ABC affiliate web store will have access to our webinars, newsletters, e-learning tools, lesson plans and healthcare team. Patients who fail to show up for regular office visits during the maintenance phase should be called on a monthly basis to help document patient outcomes.

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